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I use Algolia Docsearch on this docs page. It's free to use. Thank you Algolia! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ The official tutorial on how to self-host Algolia Docsearch can be found here. I used the option of following the crawler from the code base because I don't know how to use Docker.

When setting up the pipenv, I had some trouble running pipenv install. This command helped:

pipenv --python=/home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/opt/python@3.8/bin/python3

It was also helpful to change the required Python version in the Pipfile to the version I had. In my case, it was 3.8.2.

You can create your config file using their bootstrap or create one based off of the Docusaurus v2 config file. You can remove everything between lines 20 and 31.

As a result, my config.json is something like this:

"index_name": "",
"start_urls": [
"sitemap_urls": [
"sitemap_alternate_links": true,
"stop_urls": [
"selectors": {
"lvl0": "header h1",
"lvl1": "article h2",
"lvl2": "article h3",
"lvl3": "article h4",
"lvl4": "article h5",
"lvl5": "article h6",
"text": "article p, article li, article i, article a, article td"
"strip_chars": " .,;:#{}[]",
"nb_hits": 960

If you have the config.json file in your root directory, then you run

./docsearch run ./config.json

rather than ./docsearch run config.json. The ./ indicates the current directory.

When you put the Algolia information into your docusaurus.config.json, make sure you put in the appId as well as the apiKey and indexName. You can see what I mean in this pull request or this commit for the pull request.

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