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I think everyone should learn how to code. Everyone should learn at least basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. One course in web programming can already teach us a lot about how the internet works.

Did you know

According to one survey, less than 12% of software developers in the United States identify as women. The percentages in other countries are even less.



There are plenty of free resources for learning the basics of how to code.

If you are in college, you may also have access to LinkedIn Learning, which I have found to be very useful.


When we learn how to code, we are reminded that not everyone has the same physical abilities or access to the same tools. We learn that it is important to build products that are accessible by as many people as possible. Everyone deserves equal access to public information. HTML5 has many built-in features that can help improve accessibility, and as individuals we can ensure that these features are used.


  • Validator - This is used to check whether your HTML is written properly for robots to read.



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